About Me

Another Dreamer, Similar Love story, Different Fate… I consider myself a Nice person, I have this Huge Sense of Humor that I don’t wanna lose, I would be nothing without it…
-Name’s Ernesto, I was Born In Dominican Republic, 1992. I come from Egyptian Descendants, I live in Puerto Rico & I’m Currently Fighting, Fighting to become one of my Dreams Reality, Study Cinematography. My Major Goal is to Become Someone people admire,  a Role Model… Life Is Dificult, But if you never give up on what you want and constlantly Fight for it, You WILL achieve it. I’ve Always said That Realistic People Don’t have Dreams, They Just Become What their Consciousness is Capable of, We have to Dream, Without Dreams We don’t Have Goals, Without Dreams We Don’t Understand, Without Dreams We Don’t have Faith, Without Dreams We Don’t Have Motivation. My Point is? I’m a Dreamer.


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